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Fanya Grinshpan

Fanya became an integral part of our team in 2000, and for 16 years she has been insuring timely bookkeeping practices. She is also the frontline support for the Foundation and the one who answers a myriad of questions for all our employees, concerning payroll, employee benefits, etc.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Grinshpan was employed at Dee Howard as a Purchasing Clerk and Accounts Payable Agent. After seventeen years of service, the company liquated and sent Fanya off to her new career with many favorable commendations. With Dee Howard, Ms. Grinshpan started in the Purchasing Department receiving invoices for company purchases and insuring the warehouse received the proper items. Later on she was transferred to the Accounting Department where she processed payments to various vendors around the country, and coordinated delivery activities of goods and services. She also processed expense reports and was a direct line to the management for travel itineraries and reimbursements.

Ms. Grinshpan completed her Education at Technikum Kolege of Kichinev, Moldova, former USSR, earning her degree in Leather Goods Technology and Business and Production. This is where she acquired her technical knowledge of leather goods manufacturing and production, and the business aspect of the leather goods industry and consumer needs. While earning her education, Ms. Grinshpan also worked at the Kichinev Shoe Factory as a supervisor of the chemical laboratory, overseeing the production of complex chemicals and responsible for a team of seven employees. This is where she gained a lot of her knowledge concerning proper business practices and multitasking abilities.

Fanya is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and a proud employee of FAVHR. Her biggest life commitment and joy are her daughter, 3 beautiful and accomplished grandsons and her extremely supportive husband and best friend of 46 years.

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